1. Upgrading your boiler could save you hundreds of pounds

According to The Energy Saving Trust, a new, energy efficient boiler with a full set of heating controls could save you around £320 a year in heating costs*.

2. Controlling the temperature could slash your bills

Turning down your thermostat by as little as one degree could reduce your heating bills by almost 10 per cent.

3. Ensuring the right pressure will increase efficiency

Your boiler pressure gauge should measure between 1-1.5 bar. Too little pressure could lead to inefficiency and high energy bills.

4.  The stronger the flame the better the burn

With older boilers, the flame in your boiler should be a strong, clear blue. If it appears yellow, orange or hazy it may be a sign of the fuel burning incorrectly and the presence of carbon monoxide.

5.  Inefficiency costs more in the long run

Around 70% of what you spend on energy bills annually can be attributed to the efficiency of your boiler, so it’s important to invest in the most efficient boiler within your budget.